Tiffany, in her younger age.



Tiffany Regero (nee Mavina) is sister of Lydia Mavina and tinsy bit relative of Albus Regero and Peeves Regero. The boys met with Lydia and Tiffany when the four were starting learning magic at Avlania School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tiffany and Lydia had a cousin named Peter Flinch, who annoyed them and placed rude spells on them. Tiffany had always been frightened of Peter, until she stood up to him on the Avlania Express. Tiffany always tried to live up to her sister, and she did quite well. In the first year at Avlania, she gave Albus, Peeves and Lydia some information on the Cupboard of Despair. However, she ended up eating a sleeping hibicus, whom she was given to by her cousin. Also in Albus Regero and the Hidden Chamber, she was the first one to be hypnotized by Professor Lucius Artimius. She and her sister had been spying on Albus and Peeves, following their activities.