The TaleEdit

There were once three brothers. They were known as Salvador, Moony and Albus Regero. They had split themselves because they did not want to be brothers. They soon found a shooting star, and each made a wish. Salvador wished that he could be the best warrior ever. Moony wished he could have a lot of spells. However, Albus did not think that the shooting star was real, so he wished for his very own wand. Sure enough, they had the items. Salvador was the best warrior ever, thanks to his sword made by himself. Moony gained the idea to use magical abilities known as co de graces. Finally, Albus recieved an unbeatable wand. He did not go around telling people this, though. Salvador was the first to die. He was murdered by his worst enemy, Frankie Musso. Moony died because he accidently backfired one of his curses. However, Albus died because of a psychial cause. Albus sacrificed himself to save his wife.

In the fifth year...Edit

In the fifth book (a title is not known), Albus and Lydia meet with the ghost of Albus Regero I; after a close death encounter with Master of Death Lord Molflare. Molflare had threatened to kill Lydia, then the rest of the world. However, Albus fended him off with his amazing secret power (which is described in Albus Regero and the Cupboard of Despair). Albus Regero 1 takes Albus and Lydia back in time for the series of his events. They include leaving home, seeing the shooting star, his arguments with Salvador Regero and even his shocking and sacrifical death. Over the time in which they saw this, Albus and Lydia looked over Albus' legendary ancestors triumphs and downfalls. "You'll need a different home. I fear the Master of Death knows roughly the place you live. Plus, now that your father and mother are dead, what better place then in my secret mansion?" Albus Regero I asked Albus.