Peter Flinch was the cousin of Lydia Mavina and Tiffany Regero (nee Mavina). He continusly blocked the path for the heroes, weather using binding charms of stick together charms, Peter constantly hurt the heroes. Peter became a servent of Lord Molflare, from the second the Master of Death was revived. He always was the centre of attention and later on, attempted to curse Tiffany Regero (nee Mavina) with the Opamaela Necklace.

Relationships and Formes

Prime Forme
Peter Flinch Prime Forme

Peter in his Prime Forme, everyone run!

Peter wasn't only dangerous in his normal forme, but his Prime Forme was danger X 1000. Peter could turn into a huge guy who could swing green blades around the place. Peter's Prime Forme is first seen in the third book, just a month before Lord Molflare's Revival. Peter was a very mischevious guy who loved his Prime Forme.