Lydia Mavina

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Lydia Eleanor Mavina (born 21 March 2000) attended Avlania School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when she aged up to age ten. She attended the school along with best friends Albus Regero and Peeves Regero. She did not know they were in a small kind of way related until she read tale of the Regeros to the trio in her sixth year. The trio defeated Lord Molflare in their seventh and final year. After Albus had travelled back in time and made sure Albus, Peeves and Lydia's legendary ancestors (Salvador, Moony and Albus Regero I) had collected all the books that they had found in the old version of Avlania. However in her sixth year, Lydia had unknowingly taken Amestrania, the most powerful love potion in the world. She became infatuated with charming Kevin, the most charming boy in Avlania School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was infatuated and soon took a powerful poison, which she unknowingly drunk when she was starting to become her normal self. The poison she took was Anmolrti, which could leave the drinker fatal. She was the smartest girl ever known to Media:Avlania.

Releationships and FormesEdit

Prime Forme:

Lydia could become dangerous if she wanted to. Demonstrated first in the second book prt 1, she turned into
Lydia Prime Forme

Lydia's Prime Forme was beautiful, but dangerous.

prime forme along with her sister Tiffany. She was very aggresive in Prime Forme, so she wouldn't have known what she was doing. When she was hypnotized, she was forced into Prime Forme, so she would definatly have forgotten about Albus, Peeves and all her other friends. When she becomes her Prime Forme, she releases stars from herself.