Albus Regero I was the first Albus Regero. Albus led quite a life. His greatest known part is his famous move named Gigathrow. Albus died of his sacrifice to prevent Lord Molflare's great ancestor from killing his wife. Albus had two brothers, Salvador Regero and Moony Regero. Salvador was a great warrior, but never understanded love or harmony. He only understood war and agreesivness. Moony was more gentle and loving, but Salvador named him 'the weak spirit'. Albus forever tried to teach everyone love, friendship and kindness. It never really worked out for Moony. Moony died because of the plague, quite common back in ancient times. Salvador was brutally and ghastly murdeured by a contact killer. His decendent, Albus Regero II, he knew would be destined for greatness. He never, however, thought that his decendent would be the Chosen One.