Albus Regero

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Albus Thomas Regero (born 1 August 2000) had a huge history. He was greatly known for his defeat of Lord Molflare, the darkest wizard ever known. When he was a baby, his parents hushed up about the fact that Albus was a wizard. Wizards were not allowed to know that they were abnormal until they were the age of ten. Albus was half-blood. His father, Thomas Regero worked inside the Ministry of Magic. Thomas talked a lot about Albus at work, and Albus was quite flattered when he met one of the workers. When Albus became ten, Thomas and Kate Regero told him about his wizard status. He learnt everything, from his father's job to he and Kate's teaching at their school. Albus recieved an owl saying he had a place at Avlania School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The headmaster and the deputy headmaster were very strict. Albus's best friends, Peeves Regero and Lydia Mavina attended Media:Avlania along with Albus. They became friends and continued at school for six years. In their seventh year, Albus, Peeves and Lydia dropped out of Avlania School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to help Albus on his search for the power to defeat Lord Molflare, whom returned to power in Albus's third year.

Relationships and FormsEdit

Peeves Regero

"So annoying! Those two buggers!" Peeves on Lydia Mavina and Tiffany Regero

Somewhat relative to Albus, Peeves is the decendent of Salvador Regero, famous warrior and original holder of the Great Sword. The sword was supposed to be handed down to Peeves, but an evil wizard tossed the sword into the sea, and the sword is now prosessed by Lord Molflare. Peeves has countlessly been annoyed by Lydia Mavina and her sister. Peeves helped Albus discover the Cupboard of Despair, and also helped defeat the great black widow spider.

Lydia Mavina

"Over...there...look...out" Lydia Mavina warning Albus and Peeves about the Belomane.

Also somewhat relative to Albus; Lydia, along with her sister Tiffany; is decendent of Moony Regero, famous mage and original holder of the Master Wand. The wand is, unfortunatly no longer in exsistance. It was destroyed when Moony was soon to die. Lydia loved being smart and always tried to protect her friends.

First yearEdit

Albus found out about Thomas Regero and Kate Regero's secret about being a wizard family. They decided to go to Wizarding Alley, but before they could reach the safety of yet another Concealment Charm, they were attacked by Death Makers. Lord Molflare murdered Kate Regero and escaped from battle.

Second Year

Having defeated the giant black widow spider in his previous year at Avlania School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Cupboard of Despair, Albus returned home to Flowervile. Albus had returned home to find out that the entire city had disappeared. He prepared for going to Wizarding Alley, brought his books and then zoomed to
Albus Regero 2

Albus' hairstyle had changed, but his power had evolved too!

the Ministry of Magic. The Ministry told Albus that the disappearances had happened before. They didn't tell him that this might mean that Lord Molflare was returning. Albus sailed to Victoria Cross Station. He boarded the magical Avlania Express, and the mysterious train flew off to school.

Lucius Artimius had been surprised that the black widow spider had failed to kill Albus Regero. Lessons went on as usual, but all of a sudden, Albus' friends had started to turn on him. Lucius Artimius was still a faithful servent to Lord Molflare, so he hypnotized Albus' friends to capture him and take him to the Headmaster. Even Peeves, Tiffany and Lydia were hypnotized. Albus decided that action had to be taken, and his new evolved powers were just the thing to stop the chaos. He un-hypnotized Peeves, and took him underground to where he had found a secret crypt. The secret crypt had a coffin in it. The crest on the coffin was the same crest as the Master of Death's symbol, so someone was in the chest who had been placed under a curse. It turned out that this was the corpse of Lord Molflare, the evil man trying to be resurectted with Albus' blood. Lydia and Tiffany caught up to the two, and started to tie them up to a huge pole. Is this the end for the heroes?

Second prt Second Year

The girls call for Lucius Artimius. Lucius shows up, and starts to kill the boys. However, he used his special ability to escape. Everyone became un-hypnotized, and the friends all flew home.

Third Year

After discovering the Hidden Crypt, Lucius Artimuis decided it was not safe to teach at Avlania. He still continued. Atlas and Nocturn houses were starting to get suspicous of the Headmaster. Angelo and the other teachers also realise something is fishy. The lessons continue, but Albus, Peeves, Lydia and Tiffany decide to pay another visit to the Hidden Crypt. They find out that Lucius Artimuis is planning a ritual there. Over the next few terms, children are sent home for a year because of arriving ritual people. The Death Dreamers, as they are known, are needed for the ritual as well. On the night of the actual ritual, the four friends are kidnapped and used as slaves for the ritual. Lucius uses Albus' blood to resuurect Lord Molflare. Peeves and Lydia are kidnapped, and flewn off back to Avlania. A battle begins, and with Albus' cunning powers and Tiffany's brain, the two defeat Lord Molflare, knocking the Death Dreamers and their Master into the world below...